This project is maintained by Francisco Presencia and is part of Francisco IO LTD (UK). It is a lot of work and I'd love if you or your company could help me keep building it and in the process I'll help you with Node.js.

All sponsors will receive an ebook and/or a book for free when released. Besides this, there are some sponsors tiers:

sponsorship perk credit (homepage + github)
$1,000+ email support logo (normal) + link + ♥
$2,000+ live coding help of 10h logo (normal) + link + ♥
$10,000+ in-person workshop of 20h logo (large) + link + ♥

Notes and conditions

Donations are 0-99.99$ and sponsorships are 100$+.

All of the perks have a valid period of 1 year, later on they'd have to be renewed. The book/ebook has no duration and has to happen once.

I reserve the right to reject anything if I don't find it suitable, including but not limited to malign requests.

Everything in this page is negotiable and will be specified when getting in touch:

Thank you a lot for helping me improve server.js!

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